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A little about me ..

I have dedicated the last 10 years to studying and understanding "Spirituality" and what it means .

And let me tell you it has been an epic and massively rewarding journey .I have learned so much about myself and my call to service in this lifetime.

There are so many psychological avenues for us to journey down when we feel in need of help but no so many openly available spiritual avenues. Sometimes the word spiritual can evoke a sense of " ah that's all hippy shit" in people and yes I have been confronted with that, and all I can say to that is, "if that's what you want it to be then that's what it will be " 

Spiritual counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by tapping into the importance of spirituality or religion within a person's life.

I am currently awaiting my Ordination into One Spirit Interfaith foundation but that is just a title, my spiritual counselling life is very much alive and full. 

I work only by recommendation and connection from people who reach out to me. So if you feel drawn to this please do contact me and we can set up a session either in person or through any online platform that suits you .

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